Unique Garden Design Service

You have a Unique Garden and Mature Trees provide a Unique Service.

Investing in Mature Trees is more expensive than using young trees. Micheal can save you money by advising you at your garden planning stage. Mature Trees have many advantages, instant effect, instant maturity, well structured, well structured and little pruning.

Mature Trees also add value to the property, gives shelter, suitable shading and instant beauty. Micheal can also advise you when you are looking for planning permission or if you are interested in exploring zero carbon emissions houses and passive houses.

Mature trees provide a complete garden design service in Ireland that will take your ideas, our expertise and experience and give you the garden of your dreams.

We take your ideas as a starting point and with the input of our horticulturist Micheal O’Dowd we will draw plans, suggest Mature Trees, Shrubs and Hedging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Send Micheal images of your garden from as many angles as possible. Please supply exact measurements and ideally have something like a ladder in the images to provide a scaled reference point. Don’t forget to measure the ladder exactly.

Micheal will then call you with some questions to clarify your requirements.

Step 2: Micheal will then arrange a visit to our nursery at a time that suits you. At the Nursery Micheal will advise you on appropriate options and you can see the trees. Directions. Please wear appropriate footwear e.g. Wellington boots.

Step 3: We visit and survey the site placing long poles based on our suggestions.

This will give you an idea of how each tree will look in the future. You can then view the positions from different viewing points and adjust the positions accordingly.

Step 4: Confirm the position of the particular trees through a consultative process over a week or so. This process ensures the trees are not too small or too big. This is where Micheal’s experience proves invaluable and where financial savings can be made.

Step 5: We place the suitable trees in the agreed places. Mature Trees will delivery, plant and guarantee for one year.

Step 6: After Sales Service. Mature Trees will advise you on the required aftercare, usually very little, for your mature tree and we are available to assist at any time.


Privacy – block out prying eyes from a neighbouring house

Immediate – Why wait 20 years for a tree to grow, a small tree can take 5-6 years to mature.

Beauty – Mature Trees are already beautiful

Maintenance – little or no pruning, structured established tree

Adds Value to the property

Before we give you an answer we need to know the following: Approx. heights of trees required. Hint – to get the height place a ladder / timber length and look from your view points e.g. patio area, kitchen window and measure the suitable height. Do you need evergreen or deciduous? Does it need all year round cover? Bare in mind what you are trying to achieve. Evergreen is a lot more expensive. If you take a picture of the area from a few angles and send us the photo either by email or hard copy we will try to help you.

You can visit our nursery, by appointment only, which is located in the heart of the midlands, 10 miles from Athlone and 5 miles from Moate, where it will take me approximately 1½ hours to guide you through the selection, while also advising you on your garden. You will find that this is time well spent as preparation in the planning of your garden ensures that the finished look compliments your home and personality.

We do not have a price list of trees. Prices are always changing as trees change in size and availability. We would recommend you come and see the wonderful selection of trees we have in stock.

No, we do not have a catalogue because the availability and sizes of trees we have in stock are always changing. Clients can see a live catalogue in our nursery.

Yes, we can plant the trees for you if you wish. We also offer advice on the aftercare of the same to ensure that you get the full benefits of investing in a mature tree.

No, because it depends on where and how many trees etc that we plant.

Yes, we do deliver.

Please arrange by appointment only, we are available at a day that suits you but bare in mind that Micheal will need to arrange to be at the nursery so please make an appointment to avoid disappointment.

You can arrange a gift voucher by telephone or by email. For details on how to contact us click here

Each tree is individually priced based on its height, variety, fullness of tree, age and growing habit. Cost of delivery and planting are not included in the price. Trees are available from 3 feet to 35 feet and are priced from 60 euro. The average mature tree is 10-15ft approximately 100-200 euro.

A mature tree is a tree that is between 10 to 15ft or higher and is 5 to 8ft wide.